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Cornell University


  • Dr. Haozhou He, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2023.
    Numerical modeling of discontinuous processes in geomaterials and geosystems
    Position: Numerical modeling research engineer at PPG Industries (since 07/2023).
  • Dr. Tingting Xu, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2022.
    Homogenization of coupled deformation, damage and diffusion processes in rocks and finite element applications in geomechanics and geomorphology
    Position: Assistant Professor at McMaster University, Canada (starting 05/2024).
    Previously: Post-doctoral researcher at the Johns Hopkins University (01/2023-04/2024).
  • Dr. Floriana Anselmucci, Ph.D. from Université Grenoble-Alpes (France), 2020.
    Root-soil interaction: Effects on soil microstructure
    Position: Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Twente, The Netherlands (since 06/2021).
  • Dr. Fernando Patino-Ramirez, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2020.
    Infrastructure network enhancement inspired by nature
    Position: Post-doctoral researcher at Imperial College London, UK (since 01/2021).
  • Dr. Koochul Ji, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2020.
    Numerical modeling of mechanical recovery in damaged concrete repaired by epoxy at molecular and metric scales
    Position: Senior Researcher at the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI), South Korea (since 09/2022).
    Previously: Senior Professional Researcher, Global Loss Control Center, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, South Korea (03/2021-08/2022).
  • Dr. Xianda Shen, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2019.
    Micro-macro modeling of chemo-mechanical damage and healing in rocks
    Position: Professor at Tongji University, China (since 08/2023).
    Previously: Assistant Professor at Clarkson University, USA (08/2021-07/2023). Post-doctoral researcher at Northwestern University, USA (01/2020-07/2021).
  • Dr. Pei Wang, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2018.
    Micro-mechanical analysis of quasi-static particulate fragmentation applied to geomaterials
    Position: Professor at East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang, China (starting 04/2024).
    Previously: Post-doctoral researcher at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong-Kong (06/2019-03/2024).
  • Dr. Wencheng Jin, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2018.
    Computational Modeling of the Transition from Damage to Fracture in Intrinsically Anisotropic Porous Media
    Position: Research scientist at Idaho National Laboratory, USA (since 2021).
    Previously: Post-doctoral researcher at Idaho National Laboratory, USA (2018-2021).
  • Dr. Cheng Zhu, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2016.
    Microstructure-based modeling of damage and healing in salt rock with application to geological storage
    Position: Tenured Associate Professor at at Rowan University, USA (since 2023).
    Previously: Assistant Professor at Rowan University, USA (2017-2023). Post-doctoral researcher at the Bureau of Economic Geology at UT Austin, USA (2016-2017).
  • Dr. Hao Xu, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, 2014.
    Theoretical and Numerical Modeling of Anisotropic Damage in Rock for Energy Geomechanics
    Previously: Researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA (2015-2021). Post-doctoral researcher at Princeton University, USA (2014-2015).